7 Social Determinants of Health That We Must Know and Address

Our bodies are precious gifts from nature. When we take good care of it, we will live a long life. But there are some physical and social factors that can adversely affect our health. They are called the social determinants of health. But, 'What are Social determinants of health?' Now, this is one question that many people have in their minds.

There are some conditions, such as the community where one is born and live, school, worship place, and the workplace that one goes to that determines a person's health condition without their knowledge.

When governments and communities work on building strategies to address these crucial social determinants, the health of people can increase significantly. Here are some examples for your reference:

Resources to Help Meet Daily Requirements
A decent house will allow people to not only live comfortably but also helps in improving their overall hygiene. Apart from this, people also need to have access to buy fresh fruits and vegetables through the local food markets to stay healthy and fit.

Health Care Services
When people do not get access to the right health care services, they cannot get the required treatments to overcome the diseases or other medical conditions that they might get. Hence, governments and other similar organizations should strive hard to build hospitals and clinics locally to help people that need urgent health care services to get access to it.

Access to Education and Job Opportunities
Education helps people to come out of the darkness. People that have access to quality education will take good care of their bodies. Job training is crucial as some occupations come with certain risks. Only when people know how they can avoid these risks they can stay safe when they are at the workplace.

Exposure to Social Disorder, Violence, and Crime
People that are living in communities where they get exposed to open thrash or violence might be at a greater risk than they can imagine. It is, therefore, crucial for people to work hard with their communities to eliminate these things so that they can improve the quality of their living by promoting peace.

Attitudes and Social Norms
Some aspects like racism, discrimination, and distrust of government can create circumstances that can cause conditions such as violence. Governments and communities need to do everything from their end to eliminate these things.

Gender Inequality or Bias
In some societies, gender inequality is quite dominant. As a result, people belonging to a particular gender do not get access to resources such as education, job opportunities, pay hikes, etc. They end up not earning enough or lack the necessary privileges to take good care of themselves or get an appropriate education.

Access to Social and Mass Media
One in five people does not have access to mobile phones. As a result, they do not learn about the latest news. People who have access to mobile phones or social media accounts learn about new diseases and can learn of ways to eliminate it.

Now, since you got a response to the golden question, What are Social determinants of health? Do everything possible from your end to eliminate these things in the community that you live in.