5 Ways to Avoid Coronavirus From Infecting You

Coronavirus or novel COVID-19 has affected the world in unimaginable ways. As of October 14th, more than 38.1 million people are affected by the coronavirus, while almost 1.09 million people lost their lives while battling with this deadly disease. There seems to be no end for it as it keeps spreading across. If you want to be safe and healthy, you must follow coronavirus prevention tips.

Many people are taking this virus lightly, which is not a good thing. Here are some things that you must do to protect yourself and your family from this life-threatening disease.

Maintain Social Distance
The first thing that you must do to avoid the virus is to maintain social distance when you are out. As per the World Health Organization (WHO), we are to maintain at least 1-meter distance(approximately 3.28 feet) distance from another person.

This way, when the other person coughs or sneezes, the droplets will not reach you. If you are trying to be further away from another person, the chances of getting the diseases will drop drastically. Follow the same standard when you are both outside and indoors.

Wear the Mask Always
Many of us do not have this habit before the COVID-19. It is, however, wise to develop this habit and stick to it until this dangerous virus bids farewell to humanity.

Here are some things that you must plan on doing before you wear the mask:

  • Clean your hands thoroughly before you wear or remove face mask from your face
  • Ensure that it covers your nose, mouth, as well as the chin
  • Fabric mask is right for you if your job requires you to stay in crowded places or in indoor settings where there is no proper ventilation
  • Buy and wear surgical masks if you are above 60 years of age, are unwell, have any other medical condition, or if you are taking care of a family member that is ill

The 3Cs You Must Avoid
Avoid the following 3Cs if you want to avoid contracting this disease:

  • Close Contact
  • Closed or Indoors
  • Crowded Places

You must avoid these three things if you want to prevent coronavirus from affecting. This disease can spread if you go to places such as fitness classes, clubs, choir practices, restaurants, and offices.

Often people speak loudly, sing, shout, or heavily breathe when they are indoors. Hence, one must avoid these 3C's as much as possible. If there is no way you can prevent it, take adequate precautions to prevent the infection.

Meet People Outside
It is wise for you to meet people in outdoors where there is a lot of ventilation rather than indoors during this period. Avoid staying in closed spaces that do not have any air circulation.

Clean Your Hands Regularly
Clean your hands regularly in the day to keep the deadly virus away. Use soap to wash your hands. Carry with you an alcohol-based hand rub. Use it whenever you touch something. This way, you can avoid germs and viruses staying on your hand.

These are the coronavirus prevention tips that everyone needs to be aware of and follow.