Virus Mutation - Everything You Need to Know About It

Coronavirus has successfully reached almost all parts of the world. Nearly all nations and territories in the world are now affected by COVID-19. Only a handful of countries have not confirmed if they have a verified case. Many experts are afraid that the virus mutation can make things deadly, especially if the virus moves around quickly. 

What is a Virus 

It is crucial for us first to understand what a virus is before knowing how they function or mutate. A virus is a microscopic parasite, and it is much smaller than bacteria. They need a host body if they have to survive or reproduce.  

Most of the contagious diseases start because of a virus. Some of the deadly viruses that one might remember apart from Coronavirus is Ebola, HIV, H1N1, or Swine Flu.

There are two types of genetic material that a virus holds — RNA and DNA. Coronavirus, for example, is an RNA virus. A protein shell protects the genetic material that it has. 

Once it is on the host body, a virus will direct the cell machinery to make more copies. When there are more copies of the virus in the host body, it is easy for the virus to infect other cells. 

Mutation of the Virus

One of the ways virus thrives is through mutation. They evolve and adjust to various environments quickly. If it does not mutate, it will cease to exist. RNA viruses are known for changes as they mutate speedily or faster than DNA viruses. Change is consistent in an RNA virus compared to the DNA virus.

Many people are scared when they hear the mutation. But it is not always bad. Not all virus mutations are deadly. Virus mutation may not be harmful in some cases as the virus can become weak. In some cases, these changes are very subtle and may not affect the transmission or death rate. 

But in some cases, it can become deadly than what it was before. When it comes to Coronavirus, even though it traveled worldwide, the virus sequence is almost similar to the original. 

The mutations did not affect it much. Recently, as per a study carried out by Scripps Research Institute in Florida, there is one variant of Coronavirus that is a lot more infectious. They are calling it D614G mutation. They believe that this is the virus that was responsible for more infections in Europe and the US. 

Will the Vaccine Work?

As per the Scripps Research Institute, there is not much change in the Coronavirus. What this means is that eradicating the virus is not that difficult when the vaccine is out. A promising vaccine will provide adequate protection against the different types of strains that are circulating out. 

Our bodies have a terrific memory when it comes to fighting diseases. If the virus tries to return after a few days, our immune system will be ready to produce the necessary antibodies to combat it.