5 Serious Ways Climate Change is Going to Effect Us

Climate change is real. The effects of climate change will be catastrophic if we do not find a way to fix it before it becomes a huge problem. As per a survey in 2019, 71% of Indians think humans are why there is climate change. nd 24% of the US respondents feel that climate change is terrible for the human race. 

Depending on the country and the region you live in, the impact of climate change will vary. Here are some of the ways we will suffer if we do not take this matter seriously. 

Heavy Rain, Flooding, Droughts, and Wildfire

One of the biggest and most common natural disasters in the US happens because of floods and heavy rains. Extreme climates can also cause trouble that one may not realize immediately. 

There are projections that there will be a rise in precipitation three times more than the average rate. It is sad to note that almost 40 million Americans live in areas where there is a risk of flooding. On top of it, this situation can also cause a rise in wildfires. All these situations can also cause droughts. 

Working Outdoors Will Be Difficult

The effects of climate change and global warming is going to make our life miserable. The frequency of the heat waves will increase, making your life difficult, especially if you are one who works outdoors. 

Imagine the plight of people who work hard on the streets to make a living. Life will not be easy for them unless they take proper precautions to protect themselves from extreme heat. Farmers and others should plan to start their day early to avoid any serious impact. 

Increased Blackouts and Electricity Bills

When the temperature is soaring outside, people would like to keep themselves cool by turning on the air conditioning systems. Now, this is going to cost us a lot of money. Since the air conditioning systems run most of the day, people should expect an increase in electricity bills.

Secondly, since there will be a rise in demand, there will be a rise in blackouts or brownouts each year. Natural disasters such as storms, hurricanes, and heatwaves can also cause power outrage. 

A Rise in Allergies and Diseases

When the climate is warm, the pollen season is going to extend. As a result, the air quality is going to become worse. Now, this can cause an upsurge in asthma and allergy attacks. 

Cough, chest pain, and conjunction can also occur because of smog. Heat cramps, hyperthermia, exhaustion because of heat are a few other things that can happen when there is extreme heat. Mosquitoes breeding period also extends when there is heat. 

Food Is Going to Be Super Expensive

The food price has been drastically increasing every year for the last two decades. There is a 2.6% hike in food prices each year. 

Both crops and livestock get affected by extreme climate. Pathogens that adversely affect plants thrive in warmer conditions. Food spoils when there is severe heat.