4 Stats About CO2 Emission That Will Blow Your Mind

Carbon emissions worldwide are increasing at an alarming rate. All of this will adversely affect the way we and other species live on earth. We will encounter the unfavorable effects of CO2 and greenhouse gases if we do not do anything to make changes.

When carbon dioxide and other greenhouses get trapped in the atmosphere, they can absorb the sunlight, which usually bounces back to space. This causes global warming as the temperature on our planet increases drastically. It also changes the way the earth cools and heals itself and how hurricanes and tornadoes form, the amounts of snow and rainfall, and how the weather impacts all of us.

Fossil Fuels Create Most Carbon Emissions
Today, the use of fossil fuels has increased drastically. Vehicles run on gasoline and diesel, which are the products of fossil fuel and companies use natural gas and coal to produce electricity.

Fossil fuels contribute more than 65% of CO2 in our climate. We must find renewable sources of energy to meet our electricity and transportation requirements; failure means that all of usourselves, our children, and future generationswill face dire consequences.

Shrinking Glaciers
More than 670 million people on our planet who live in the high mountains get water from the glaciers. But climate change is creating water scarcity.

As the glaciers retreat quickly, many people will have no access to fresh water. Initially, shrinking glaciers increase water supplies. But soon, as this phenomenon reverses, glacier-fed rivers will dry up, leaving millions of people with no drinking water at all. If we do not curb global warming, 80% of these glaciers will lose their ice mass by the year 2100.

Ocean Eco-System Is Going to Fall
Oceans are instrumental in absorbing about 90% of the climates excess heat, according to current estimates. This number might shoot higher by 2100. That means that oceans on earth will absorb around 2 to 4% more heat if we do not find ways to curb global warming.

However, this number is only accurate if earths warming increases by 2C. Anymore than that and our oceans could ultimately absorb five to seven times more heat.

This would be deadly for marine life as underwater nutrient and oxygen levels in the oceans would drop. We need to work hard towards reducing carbon emissions on the planet to stop this destruction.

Five Countries With The Most CO2 Emissions
Here is a list of five countries that are majorly contributing to carbon emissions:

  • China - 30%
  • The United States of America - 15%
  • European Union - 9%
  • India - 7%
  • Russia - 5%

If these countries set up policies and reward businesses and researchers to find alternate methods to generate electricity and transportation, we will quickly conquer this problem.

The welfare of Earth is in our hands. If we do the necessary reforms, we can safeguard our planet from catastrophes.