How Long Until Coronavirus Vaccine Comes Out

'How long until coronavirus vaccine?' is the question that everyone in the world is wondering. The world economy is down, and a lot of businesses are not doing well because of the pandemic. Everyone wants to get out of this situation as quickly as possible. Returning to normalcy is quite impossible until we find a vaccine to combat this dangerous virus.

Luckily, so many companies are now in the race to launch their vaccine to treat this deadly disease.

We must be grateful to all the researchers and scientists who do their best to find vaccines and medicines. Because of various vaccines that are available in the market, we are saving around two to three million people every year. We are able to guard ourselves against diseases such as influenza, pertussis, diphtheria, measles, and tetanus.

Understanding How the Vaccine Works
The main job of a vaccine once it enters our body is to expose our body's immune system to antigens, carbohydrates, or protein fragments that the virus or a pathogen reveals.

The main objective of a vaccine is to help the memory cells of the immune system to remember this particular induction and efficiently fight against the virus if it ever tries to infect a person.

Some vaccines use the whole virus that is damaged or killed. As a result, it does not cause the disease anymore. Now, this is how researchers developed polio or measles vaccines in the past. Researchers do not need to know much about the virus or its proteins when they are using a whole virus.

But there is a risk in it because a live virus can sometimes become harmful or pathogenic again. That's the main reason why vaccines that use the whole virus need years of testing to ensure that it is safe before it becomes available.

Other vaccines are developed by extracting the viral gene. After coding it to get the desired antigen, they insert it into another virus that is not harmful before giving it to the patient. Recently, the government did approve a vaccine to treat Ebola. They did develop this vaccine using this method.

Other Methods to Develop Vaccines
Now, this is not all! There are other kinds of vaccines that will aid in delivering genetic material such as DNA and RNA instead of the antigen as it can help in coding it. They use a fatty membrane to encapsulate it. These vaccines, once they enter the body, direct the production of the right protein to combat the virus. Creating these types of vaccines are a lot easier. But, the usage of the same on the public is not yet approved.

Time It Takes
'How long until coronavirus vaccine?' or 'why does it take so much to create a vaccine?' are two questions people struggle with when they are stuck with any deadly virus.

Researchers need to do everything from their end to prove to government bodies regulators that their vaccine is not only efficient but is safe to use before administering to people.

After they use the vaccine on experimental animals and the results are promising, the next thing is that they are going to test this vaccine on people in three phrases. Only once it passes all the three tests, the vaccine is allowed for usage on the common public.

Phase 1: During this phase, the researchers check if the vaccine is safe to use. They will also check to see how much quantity they need to administer to a person to get the best results.

Phase 2: During phase 2 trials, they are going to extensive research on dosage quantities and the safety aspects of the vaccine.

Phase 3: Now, this is the most crucial stage. It is going to take a lot of time to complete this step. Researchers need to wait for a long time to carry out their studies because they have to wait patiently until some of the participants who took the vaccine to get exposed to the virus naturally.

Manufacturing of the Vaccines
Most of the pharmaceutical companies do not build the manufacturing capacity until they know that a vaccine candidate has passed all three phases. Since only 10% of the vaccine candidates surpass all these tests, most of the manufacturing firms are not ready to invest in setting up large-scale manufacturing units until they get a confirmation.

Now, this is one other reason why it takes considerable time before a vaccine becomes available to the general public. The answer to the question, 'How long until coronavirus vaccine?' is that it will take significant time before the vaccine is made available to all of us. There is so much effort put in by researchers, pharma companies, government organizations, and others to find a solution quickly.