Debunking 4 Myths About Vaccines

So far, globally, there were more than 61,477,527 COVID cases that were confirmed as of 27th November. And almost 1,440,900 people died because of it. These numbers are going to increase as days pass. The biggest problem is that not many people are ready to accept that this virus is rear and those who understand that it is deadly do not think there is a need for the vaccine. The problem is there is misinformation about vaccine that is spreading like a virus.

Here in this article, we will debunk some of the popular myths surrounding vaccine:

Diseases Can Disappear Before the Vaccine Comes Out
In anti-vaccine literature, people use this type of concept to brush off the need for a vaccine. Many people think that increased cleanliness will eventually eradicate the disease. Keeping the premises and surroundings clean will indeed help in reducing the chances of contracting corona, but will not help in making the disease disappear magically.

Some countries even tried to cut back on vaccines as there was an increase in fear of the side effect. In 1974, Japan, Sweden, Northern Ireland, and Great Britain did not use the vaccine to treat pertussis or whooping cough. The number of cases increased by 100,000 and some deaths. Similar situations happened all around the countries.

Vaccines Have Terrible Side Effects and Can Kill You
The risk of people facing terrible consequences is less than the benefits that people get to enjoy. One in a thousand or a million people faces adverse effects after receiving a vaccine.

But most of the mild symptoms such as fever or sore arm can be addressed by people taking paracetamol after getting the vaccine. If we look at the risk alone, we cannot save ourselves and our loved ones from the deadly impacts of the virus. Hence, we should look beyond the negatives to understand how beneficial taking a vaccine is going to be.

Overloading the Immune System
Kids get exposed to various foreign antigens each day. Do you know that eating food can introduce bacteria to your system. Numerous types of bacterias also stay in your nose and mouth. Children get multiple vaccines to fight various diseases. These antigens work efficiently when the time comes without adversely affecting the child. They work efficiently both in combination and when you administer them separately. Now, this should not scare you when you are planning to get your kids vaccinated.

Vaccines Cause the Same Disease They Are to Prevent
Now, this is another myth that a lot of people believe. In reality, there are no active viruses in the vaccine. Immunizers is another name for vaccines. It is because it can improve immunity in a person to avoid deadly diseases.

Our bodies think that the inactive virus in the vaccine is the actual virus. It will trick your brain into thinking that the virus is going to attack you. It will create antibodies to fight the disease. This induced immunity will prepare you to fight the disease when things do not work out. People should not heed assumptions or misinformation about vaccine.